Everything you need to know about tree care:

Q. Why don't you remove branch collars or leave stubs?

  • Money is wasted when branches are pruned incorrectly.
  • Painting will not help. Wound dressings do not stop rot.
  • Incorrect pruning starts a long list of costly problems.
  • (Cankers, Sun Scald, Frost Cracks, Insect Borers.)

Q. Are you licensed & insured?


Q. Do you use spikes to prune trees?


Q. Do you haul all wood and debris?

We haul away wood and brush but we don't haul away stump chips unless requested.

Q. What is cleaning out the crown?

This is the removal of dead, dying, or limbs that are crossing. You can also get rid of weak limbs with this and sprouts that may be clogging up a canopy. This is a very important pruning service that you need to have done.

Q. What is crown elevation?

With crown elevation, you will find that you want to have this done if you have trees that are touching when you pull into your driveway or that are touching power lines or other things like that.

Q. Why do you reduce the trees Crown?

With this, you will find that pruning back all of the lateral branches will help you reduce the height or width of the trees. You will find that in most cases, this is really more of a last resort procedure to prevent you from having to take a tree down.

Q. What is vista pruning?

Tree trimming like this is done to create a view. So, if you want to see your lake or the mountains, this is what you want to do. Or, if you have a business, you need to be sure that you are checking this out.

Q. What is tree Cabling and Bolting?

With cabling and bolting, this is going to help to create the structural strength of the trees. This is high strength cable that is going to be put in so that they can help tree limbs be strengthened and so that they don’t split anymore and to prevent further cracking.